Our firm services ensure accurate financial reporting and compliance with the latest regulations.

From bookkeeping to financial statements, we handle every aspect of your accounting needs with precision and care.


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Accounting Services​

We offer tailored solutions regardless the size of your company and whether your business is local or international.

Depending on your needs, we can either handle your entire accounting or provide ad-hoc support to your teams during busy periods working on-site or remotely.

We take care of your accounting and prepare your company’s financial statements according to LUX GAAP or IFRS standards.

If annual or quarterly Financial Statements is not sufficient for your strategic decisions, we can provide you with monthly management reporting.

We take care of all preparation of the necessary documentation and coordination with your external auditors.


Preparation of timely and accurate statutory financial statements is a legal obligation.

Whether small locally active companies or international listed groups we can assist you in preparing your financial statements, either on a stand-alone or on a consolidated basis under LUX GAAP or IFRS standards.

We can review the bookkeeping prepared by the finance team Convert from local statutory GAAP to Lux GAAP / IFRS Assist you during the audit process and coordinate with the audit team Establish statutory and group consolidated annual accounts

TAX Services

Our tax service activities comprise of the preparation of tax returns for both individuals and professionals. We assume all the work related to the preparation of income tax declarations as well as the preparation of periodic and annual declarations in terms of VAT and Intrastat.

Companies Incorporation & Liquidation

We can help you build your company, choosing the most suitable legal form & structure according to your needs and undertake all the formalities needed for setting up or liquidating a company in Luxembourg or abroad.

Interim management Services

We act as a coordinator and responsible for monitoring the work of all service providers and manage the relationships of wealthy clientele with a set of stakeholders on behalf of them.

We connect our clients with sophisticated professionals who can provide the most accurate service in relation to their specific needs (financial, administrative, legal, fiscal, accounting etc.) and we follow the work of specialists on their behalf, developing synergies and seeking solutions tailored to their objectives.

We can also act as interim CFO in order to bring value from our extended experience in different sectors in Luxembourg:

Corporate Services

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